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adventures of a sound.traveller

a space where i hope to share with you the hopefully interesting projects im currently working on / have worked on, the soundscapes all around me that i am constantly discovering and re-discovering (oh, what joys!!!), any other random and delightfully weird thoughts regarding sounds, music and its friends. share with me yours too, please do!

the first.

Yun Qi Wong

hello world.  

i am sitting at our new work table which faces out onto our lovely neighbourhood (the gorgeous woods! and a collection of charming old houses which we might never be able to afford in this lifetime) for inspiration, and there is this tiny shiver of excitement and apprehension snaking itself through my entire body. for i will soon publish this website!

this soon-to-be-birthed website would never have come into being, had i not met my husband, C.

i am blessed (i often feel this only way later, when i am alone and done with hating him) to have him in my life. he challenges me daily to be better than i thought i could be. he challenges my ideals and grand plans, forcing me out of my comfort zone and to face my fears head-on. this has resulted in many shouting matches, tears, and this website.

C is here in my life to slowly lose his patience with me, as i struggle to train my non-existing patience. he is here to prevent me from opening the window in front of me right now, and throwing with much glee, this very laptop out, along with its accessories. for me and technology = WAR - in which i am ALWAYS killed with a vengeance.

it is now autumn, and this is the time where i feel too that we are preparing for a war. the war against the cold. however, this is richly compensated by the abundance of beauty nature has to offer us. and here is my daily sound diary for this season.  

cycle through the woods, across the thick blanket of fallen leaves. i speed, and in a whirr, whoosh and rrrrr, the leaves are caught into the spokes of my wheels. they make a gentle crispy, crackling sound as i go along, tchhhrrrrchh-tchrch-tchrrrrrrrrrchhhhhhh-tchrrrrrch-trchrhchh. they signal someone approaching from behind - the crackling crescendo-ing and then fading into the distance.
in the meantime, the north wind whispers harsh nothings into your ear, biting into my exposed skin. it is a deafening SHHHHH, with all the surround-sound system of a Dolby technology, and cocoons me in a world consisting of only highly fluctuating audio waves. occasionally, the twittering Bs and Ds of birds above get a say, diving in for a while and then disappearing again.

the cars roaring past as i briefly leave the woods are everything but gentle. it is always a rude shock. horns complaining, tyres screeching. and as i re-enter the woods again, i enter another world again.