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Tang Tee Tong (violin) meets Wong Yun Qi (piano)

It is a duo formed over countless Whatsapps, emails, Facebook messages (ah! the wonders of technology);

spanning the 5,481 miles of the Atlantic Ocean between USA and Germany; not forgetting the many hours of spontaneity (think thrashing through forests with our instruments) and laughter that make our stomachs ache and cause us to fall off our seats. 



92steel&guts is committed to: 


RE-SET, RE-SHAPE and RE-INTRODUCE the way people listen to the world we live in - through its concerts


PUSH BOUNDARIES + EXPLORE NEW GROUNDS through collaborations of all forms, our interpretation of works combined with thorough background research - bringing new life to old works, and our presentation of these works in settings created to magic one away into their respective worlds. 


CREATE A PLATFORM where people can retreat from their fast paced lives and indulge in the intangible and yet important aspects of life – our emotions and memories, the ignition of imaginations and the inspiration of creativity.


REACHING OUT to all who are curious and interested, to as many as possible - cutting through social and financial barriers with the gift of music and the positive effects it has on our lives. It wants to bring its music back to where its musical journeys first began - its hometown of Singapore and its people.

92steel&guts begun in January 2015 its outreach partnership with Dover Park Hospice. 




92steel&guts is going to the InterHarmony International Music Festival this July at Arcidosso, Italy

Read the Concert Review by Dr. Chang Tou Liang for our debut performance The Way North on the 4th Jan 2015

All Photos by Joshua Koo and Chun Yi Yeo