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It is rare for me to have good friends in huge groups. They are usually individuals or small groups of up to four or five people. However, this bunch of friends - they are special.

We bonded over weird stuff which included sitting in the same fixed allocated seats, spread across two claustrophobic rows over three years at our alma mater, NAFA (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts), Fridays on which we ALL wore red polo tee shirts (for unfathomable reasons now), feasting sessions, one hilarious concert 'tour' to Kuala Lumpur, and competing to compose the most outrageous music for each other to TRY to play.

Ten years down the road, we have come a long way from our very first concerts - where we presented ragtimes, banged on tin cans whilst roving amongst the audience, and such. Our friendship has withstood that difficult test of working together professionally, and there is no greater joy than having such a group of friends and fellow musicians.


CHAMBER.SOUNDS' VISION is to bring Singaporean contemporary music and their composers closer to locals and the heartlands through a series of accessible platforms, as well as to introduce and promote our local music to the regional and global music scene. we aim to create an interactive environment for local composers, musicians and artistes from other fields to showcase, share and enjoy each other's crafts.

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