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adventures of a sound.traveller

a space where i hope to share with you the hopefully interesting projects im currently working on / have worked on, the soundscapes all around me that i am constantly discovering and re-discovering (oh, what joys!!!), any other random and delightfully weird thoughts regarding sounds, music and its friends. share with me yours too, please do!

on change

Yun Qi Wong

“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different” - C.S. Lewis

hello world. its been a long long time. two years to be exact. 

so much has happened in these two years. but perhaps the most important lesson i have learnt is that change happens, all the time, and you can't fight it. Rather than fighting change, let's embrace it with open arms. 

because let's face it: every single day we wake up a new person. Our wants and needs and priorities will always be shifting each day. Our bodies are changing all the time. Our souls, our hearts and our grey matter - they too are constantly growing and shifting. And just like the earth and like how Mother Nature is constantly shifting and changing, we are too. that IS the natural way of life. 

I am taking baby steps each day to acknowledge that and to enjoy this beautiful phenomenon without placing any judgement. Something I have been fighting against so much. Pretty crazy when you think about it, to constantly be comparing our current self against all our older selves. To fight against what our entire being needs at every different moment of our lives.  

Its tough to let go and just BE. but i try.